Public sector employers across the country are cutting part-time shifts so they don’t have to provide employees with healthcare coverage under Obamacare, The New York Times reported.

The healthcare law stipulates that companies with 50 or more “full-time” employees, defined as those working 30 hours or more, offer their workers health insurance or pay a penalty.

Even though the Obama administration has delayed the employer mandate twice, many public employers have already taken steps to avoid the law by restricting work hours, affecting everyone from police dispatchers to prison guards, cafeteria workers and part-time professors, the Times reports.

Mark Benigni, the superintendent of schools in Meriden, Conn., and a board member of the American Association of School Administrators, told the newspaper that the employer mandate is having “unintended consequences for school systems across the nation.”

Vigo County, Ind., for example, has reduced field trips for children and cut back transport to athletic events in order to hold down the work hours of school bus drivers.