Facing withering pressure to stick with the president and block any GOP effort to change Obamacare, 18 Democrats crossed the aisle to join Republicans Thursday in replacing the 30-hour work week with the traditional 40 hours, a major boost to small businesses.

Voting 248-179, the House passed Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Young’s “Save American Workers Act,” which repealed Obamacare’s 30-hour definition of full-time employment.

Going into the vote, Young had nine Democrats supporting the legislation and in the end 18 joined to define a work week as 40 hours. Democratic leaders leveled intense pressure on members to stick with President Obama’s preference of 30 hours.

Business and restaurant lobbies argued that forcing firms to offer insurance to employees who worked just 30 hours, considered part-time, would be too costly. As a result, they planned to cut hours below 30 hours and dump full-time workers.

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